1876 Centennial Quilt Project

After discovering an extraordinary quilt from Connecticut in an online quilt history forum and securing permission from its owner, a quilt group from Northwest Washington began the journey of patterning The 1876 Centennial Quilt. Set in a unique Medallion-style arrangement, this quilt contains over 70 individual block patterns. Each of the participating quilt-makers have skillfully and beautifully interpreted the original quilt in a wide variety of styles. Enjoy their extraordinary efforts as they showcase and celebrate their challenges to replicate this significant and unique
antique quilt.

Watch for the 1876 Centennial Quilt Project to be on exhibit at Celebration 2021!

Pattern information: https://www.lopezislandquiltersstudio.com/shop/The-1876-Centennial-Quilt-Project.htm

Curated by: Anne Dawson and Karen B Alexander

EMC 1876
The original quilt
Photo by Robert S. Harrison Photography.

Unity in Diversity
Joanne Bryant
91.5″ x 90″

Yankee Traveler
Heather Arps
73″ x 73″

Sea Glass- V 2.0
Anne Dawson
96″ x 96″

1876 Quilt MLG
Lee Glendening
91.5 x 91.5

Karen B. Alexander
91.5″ x 91.5″

Many Lessons
Mary Ann Riggs
95″ x 95″

ECM Centennial Reproduction Quilt
Barbara Menasian
90″ x 90″

The Wandering Geisha
Barb Snider
96.5″ x 96.5″

1876 Quilt
Liz Pillow
90″ x 90″

Sheila Bishop
98″ x 98″

Humble Pie
Marie Z Johansen
105″ x 105″

Barbara Gonce
98″ x 98″

EMC’s Legacy I
Laurie Latta
64″ x 64″

California Springtime
Barbara Gonce
97″ x 97″

It’s All About the Bees
Linda Cooper
88″ x 88″

Sheila Bishop
91″ x 91″

1876 Friendships
Carol Strum
89.5″ x 89.5″

From Indigo to Cheddar
Avonelle Hamilton
95″ x 95″

She Who Must Be Named
Tori Benz-Hilstrom
89″ x 89.5″

Centennial Doppelgänger
Anne Dawson
90″ x 90″