We thank all of you who joined us this year to Celebrate Diane Gaudynski and her mastery of machine quilting. If you saw Diane’s work in person here in Marion, I’m sure you were as amazed at the intricacy as I was! And how interesting it was to learn about Florence LaGanke Harris and her professional approach to home economics.

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Deb Geyer

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The Quilters Hall of Fame is excited to announce Elly Sienkiewicz will be our 2023 Honoree! More information about Celebration 2023 to come.

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Now through December 10, 2022

Joe Cunningham: Finding Freedom

Top left: Crazy City: Flint, 2016, detail of quilting on back. Top right, left to right: Pirated River, 2017. Center: Michigan Winter, 2015. Right: Robbing Peter, 2019. Bottom Right: Intelligence Failure, 2021. Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham started making quilts in 1979, and for about 20 years primarily made copies of old quilts and imitations of old quilt styles. Around the year 2000, he began to make quilts inspired by the adventurous spirit of the 19th century quilters rather than the literal structure. in his attempt to find a way to be free in his thinking, Joe found he could find freedom in his quilt making. The Quilters Hall of Fame is honored to feature the works of Joe Cunningham.