Christmas Eye Candy 2!


Thank you to all our friends and supporters who shared photos of their quilts to be displayed here. Enjoy!

Christmas Applique Baskets by Anna Harkins.
Christmas with the Gypsies by Anna Harkins.
Christmas Sampler by Anna Harkins.
Christmas Wreath by Anna Harkins.
Faux Crazy by Anna Harkins.

Christmas Sampler by Sherry Brown, Mooresville, Indiana, 2014. A family asked if I would make a quilt for their daughter‘s fund raiser. She was in need of a double lung transplant.

Hazel Carter made these two quilts for her daughter and son. The smaller of the two, Anthony’s Quilt was made in 1971-73. It is hand quilted and was Hazel’s first applique work. It measures 84″ x 76.” It took some time for Hazel to find the quilt pattern she wanted to make for Amy. The ornaments on the tree are all embroidered, it also is hand quilted, and measures 94″ x 78.”

Christmas decorations at The Quilters Hall of Fame. Reflected in the mirror is An American Beauty by Sandy Sutton, inspired by Marie Webster’s American Beauty design.