2022 Exhibits


February 22 – May 7

Little Beauties: The Art of Miniature Quilts

The Quilters Hall of Fame is excited to open our 2022 Exhibit season with “Little Beauties”, a study of the fantasy and power of making it small.  This exhibit of small and miniature quilts will feature the creative works of Kathy Tracy of Illinois, Mary Elizabeth Kinch of Canada, Shirley Liby of Indiana and Honorees Florence Peto, Bets Ramsey of Tennessee and Mary Schafer of Michigan.

Peto’s Nine Patch Challenge

Bets Ramsey, 1995

Bets made this quilt in response to a challenge by Florence Peto and using fabric that came from Florence through Elizabeth Richardson.

Feather edged Star

May 10 – July 30

Mary Schafer: American Quilt Maker

Presenting the work of 2007 Honoree Mary Schafer. Mary was passionate about preserving old quilts and honoring their makers by reproducing their quilts and often incorporating her own original motifs in the piecing and/or quilting. The Quilters Hall of Fame was honored recently with a donation of her quilts and we are excited to share those with you.


Feather Edged Star

Mary Schafer, 1984

Orphan Feathered Star, 1998
Orphan Feathered Star, 1998

August 2 – October 1

TQHF 2022 Honoree: Diane Gaudynski

We are so pleased to share the quilts made by 2022 TQHF Honoree Diane Gaudynski. When Diane’s love of sewing took her into the world of quilting in the 1980s, it was a whole new direction for her. Over the years, intense practice and study have made her a master at the art of machine quilting. Diane was inducted into The Quilters Hall of Fame at Celebration 2022, July 21 – 23. Her quilts will be on display at The Quilters Hall of Fame August 2 through October 1, 2022.


Sixteen Baskets of Mud, 1997
Sixteen Baskets of Mud, 1997
Shadows of Umbria, 2006. Graciously loaned by The National Quilt Museum
Shadows of Umbria, 2006. Graciously loaned by The National Quilt Museum
Through a Glass Darkly: An American Memory, 2001
Through a Glass Darkly: An American Memory, 2001

October 4 – December 10

Joe Cunningham: Finding Freedom

Joe Cunningham started making quilts in 1979, and for about 20 years primarily made copies of old quilts and imitations of old quilt styles. Around the year 2000, he began to make quilts inspired by the adventurous spirit of the 19th century quilters rather than the literal structure. In his attempt to find a way to be free in his thinking, Joe found he could find freedom in his quilt making. The Quilters Hall of Fame is honored to feature the works of Joe Cunningham.

2021 Exhibits

Sandy Denarski

Sandy Denarski

February 23 – May 8

Florida Quilt Study Group:

Antique Quilt Block Challenge

The challenge was to take an antique block and incorporate it into a small quilt measuring 24″ x 24.” Artists were allowed to use the block whole, cut up, or dismantled. The could add vintage or new fabrics; whatever it takes to create a quilt of their own design and creativity.


May 11 – July 24

Hollis Chatelain:

A Retrospective Quilt Journey

Through her work that addresses challenging social and environmental themes, Hollis reflects 12 years’ experience living in West Aftica and working with humanitarian organizations and 35 years’ experience as a professional artist.



July 27 – October 2

TQHF 2021 Honoree:

Marti Michell

Quilts made by TQHF 2021 Honoree Marti Michell. A popular teacher, Marti has traveled extensively, having now taught in 49 states and 26 countries. Marti is the recipient of two prestigious quilt industry “lifetime achievement” awards, The Silver Star (2004) and the Michael Kile Award (1991).


October 5 – December 11

Deeds Not Words:

Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

Twenty-nine award-winning textile artists from across the United States each crafted a quilt celebrating women’s suffrage. Co-curated by Sandra Sider and Pam Weeks.


2020 Exhibits


Logo 2

February 25 – May 9, 2020


From Studio Art Quilt Associates, fiber artists express the theme of delight and abundance in a creative or innovative way.



Self Portrait 2019

by Jack Edson

Jack Edson:

Portraits & Patterns

July 28 – September 26

New England quilter Jack Edson shares with us his quilts, many of which are based on images and portraits from Art History.


In conjunction with the exhibit Jack will teach a workshop on his collage method of creating portraits. September 26, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

For more information call 765-664-9333 or register here.


Crown Flowers for

Queen Lili’uokalani

By Dale Drake

October 6 – December 12, 2020

AQSG 200 Years of Solid Color

Cultural and Regional Distinctions 1800-2000

The American Quilt Study Group presents quilts

made with solid color fabrics.

2019 Exhibits


Wait, Wait, My Darling… by N.K. Fedotovskaya

February 26 – May 11, 2019

Pieced Together:

Patchwork Quilts From Russia


Showcasing the work of contemporary Russian craftswomen, this exhibit is facilitated by The Russian American Foundation.

New York State Of Mind

New York State of Mind by Pat Holly and Sue Nickels

May 14 – July 27, 2019

Two of Us

Featuring quilts by sisters Pat Holly and Sue Nickels, who enjoy connecting with quilters of the past while employing the technology of today.

F P Americana Sampler

Americana Sampler by Fons & Porter

July 31 – September 21, 2019

Sew Much Fun:

Fons & Porter Favorite Quilts

Quilts made by 2019 Honorees

Marianne Fons and Liz Porter

39 D Starley

Basket Full of Pineapples by Donna Starley

September 24 – December 14, 2019

AQSG 2016 Study of

19th Century Basket Quilts

Quilts made by members of the American Quilt Study Group

which have been inspired by 19th century quilts with one or more baskets.