Marti Michell Media Kit


The Quilters Hall of Fame has chosen Marti Michell for their 2021 Honoree.

Marti began teaching in 1969 and has traveled throughout the world to teach. In 1972 she started her business Yours Truly. Through this company, Marti spread the love for quilt making to all corners of the country with patterns, books, and tools. Thousands of quilters began their quilting adventures by sewing early Marti Michell quilt kits. She risked publishing quilting books in the early 1980s when virtually no instructional books existed. Through this step, she enabled women to earn income through royalties by writing books on quilting.

She showed she has not only a clear understanding of the art of quilting but also the business end of quilting. She has planned and executed Quilt Market Schoolhouse for nearly 30 years. Schoolhouse is an eight hour information filled forum for manufacturers, publishers, and retailers to present new products, techniques and books to Quilt Market attendees. Marti also teaches quilt shop owners on topics such as inventory management, shop displays, block of the month and event planning.

Marti was one of the first fabric designers for the major fabric manufacturers to come from a quilt making background. She is the author of more than a dozen books of quilt making including a series of books to accompany the templates that are produced for accurate quilt making through her business, From Marti Michell.

Please join us to honor Marti at Celebration 2021, July 15-17, 2021!