Mary Gasperik Media Kit


The Quilters Hall of Fame has chosen Mary Gasperik for their 2021 Heritage Honoree.

Born Mariska Mihalovits in Csanadalberti in the Hungarian province of Csongrad (northeast of the city of Szeged), Mary sailed to America with two sisters when she was a teenager and became a champion quilter. She is noteworthy for her skillful work and creativity. She is significant as a representative of the thousands of immigrant women who assimilated to the American way of life through quilting and quilting clubs. And because her entire body of work has been catalogued in the Quilt Index, she offers a unique opportunity for quilt study and a model for others who wish to preserve their own family quilt history.

The “Heritage” designation indicates that Mary’s work was accomplished 80 or more years ago.

Please join us to honor Mary at Celebration 2020, July 15 – 17, 2021