(109) A Tribute to Elly and Museum Showcase Gallery Talk with Pat & Arlan Christ


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Friday, July 21, 2023, 10:00 – 11:00am, Marion Public Library, Carnegie Room

Pat and Arlan Christ will walk through the gallery with you discussing the history, the motifs, the colors, and details, of the quilts and the skills of the needle artists of the two galleries on display.

“A Tribute to Ellie” is being dedicated to Ellie Sienkiewicz, who is the 2023 Quilters Hall of Fame Honoree.  Ellie has touched many lives and with her teaching and guidance, applique will prosper with the creation of new heirloom quilts for the future. This exhibit demonstrates the use of red and green fabric as a popular choice for quilts made during the mid-19th century.  Joyful motifs are displayed on album quilts showcasing the skills of the needle artists.  The visual impact relies on bold colors and details to the appliqued design.  There are endless motifs used to represent realistic as well as unrealistic designs.

“Museum Showcase” features quilts recently added to the Christ Collection. The Packwood House Museum in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania was permanently closed in October 2020 due to decreased attendance and the after effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a result, the contents of the museum went to auction…including their quilt inventory.  We were fortunate to attend the auction and obtain some of the quilts for the Christ Collection.   This exhibit showcases a variety of designs and styles representing 14 of those quilts.  It is our pleasure to share the stories behind some of these quilts and hope they provide enjoyment to you as well.

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