Explore the History of What’s Underneath! Victorian Undergarments


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Thursday, July 18, 2024, 1:00-2:00, Marion Public Library, Meeting Room B with Chris Moline.

Explore the history of What’s Underneath with Chris Moline. Victorian Undergarments; What’s changed and why! See the unseen frills and extravagance of all that lace. Understand the ranks of class based on what women wore- mostly hidden from view. What didn’t get used for underwear ended up in the next quilt!

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Explore the History of What’s Underneath will be presented by Chris Moline. Chris says: “I love appliqué! And I love hand piecing, quilting, embroidery. I love my featherweight, my Singer 201, 301, 319, serger, Pfaff 7570, Brother mid-arm and Tin Lizzie in a table! Okay, I just love everything there is about making quilts of all kinds from art to garments to bed quilts to wall hangings and minis. And I love all styles, including Art, Modern, Traditional, Reproduction; you name it!”