Collection Committee Chairperson

The Quilters Hall of Fame was founded by Hazel Carter in 1979 in Vienna, VA. Hazel felt it is important to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the world of quilting. In 1992, TQHF was moved to Marion, Indiana when Rosalind Webster Perry donated Marie Webster’s house to the organization. The house was repurposed as a museum and features a variety of exhibits. The organization also houses its collection of honoree items in the house.

The Quilters Hall of Fame is looking for a volunteer leader for its collection committee. They are looking for someone to follow active collecting principles and effective stewardship procedures in the Collection area of the museum while leading the existing committee of volunteers.

Active collecting involves determining what the collection ought to contain, in order to do the best possible job of presenting the complete story, and then making a strong and continued effort to locate and acquire those materials.

Effective stewardship ensures that the objects, books, and archives owned by TQHF are cared for, available and accessible to present and future generations and that the stories of those items are preserved.

The Collection Committee Chairperson at The Quilters Hall of Fame will be appointed by the Board of Directors. The role of Collection Committee Chairperson provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the workings of the organization and of the museum collection world while allowing you to showcase your leadership skills and gain relevant experience.

The chairperson will be expected to provide leadership to the committee, ensure its smooth running and oversee adherence to the Collection policies and procedures. Click the link below for Collections Manual policies and procedures details.

Ideally, the collection committee meets in person at TQHF 3 times per year for work sessions. Some of those work sessions are multi-day events but this is dependent on when committee members are available.  During these work sessions, committee members work on cataloging items, organizing the collection room, care and maintenance of items, and committee business.

Once per year, the committee meets via Zoom for an Accession meeting. The committee reviews all items that have been offered for the collection in the past year and votes whether to accept them or not.

TQHF uses the Museum Software, PastPerfect, to record all information pertaining to collection items. The candidate for chairperson does not have to have experience working with PastPerfect but should be willing to learn the software after beginning the position. Many of our collection items can be seen online at the link below.