The Quilters Hall of Fame will be closed for the winter

December 13, 2020 – February 22, 2021.

See you in the spring!

The Marie Webster Quilt Guild presents

Members and Their Quilts!

AQSG 200 Years of Solid Color:

Cultural and Regional Distinctions, 1800 – 2000

Solid colors create a “WOW” factor and strong graphics to inspire artists and quilters. Solid colors simplify design and clarify pattern and needlework. They draw attention to regional and international styles and to changing tastes. In 200 years colors have changed, but solid color quilts have always been with us. They define the earliest whole-cloth quilts, classic 19th century appliqué quilts, work by 20th century quilt designers, political quilts, and today’s Modern Quilt movement. Please come and be inspired by solid colors at The Quilters Hall of Fame, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM – 4 PM.

The American Quilt Study Group establishes and promotes the highest standards for interdisciplinary quilt-related studies, providing opportunities for study, research, and the publication of works that advance the knowledge of quilts and related subjects.

In this video, Susan talks about what she learned about her family, about quilting, about fabrics and how it all came together into a wall hanging.

Meta Van Nostrand talks about her Amish Center Diamond quilt.

Dale Drake shares with us the process she went through to make “Crown Flowers for Queen Lili’uokalani.”