Honoree Nomination Form


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Nomination Form for The Quilters Hall of Fame


Nominee: _____________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________

Please explain succinctly why your nominee should be inducted into The Quilters Hall of Fame. Tell how he/she has made outstanding contributions to the world of quilting.










Nominator: __________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________




[email protected]                                                 PO Box 681 Marion, IN 46952


We welcome all nominations. Our selection committee can only choose from the list of nominees they are given. Please help by nominating someone you think has made outstanding contributions to the world of quilting on a national and/or international level.  A duo (two people) may be nominated as one submission if their contributions were accomplished together. To submit a nomination, please forward the following:

  • One nomination form
  • One curriculum vita (a written overview of a person's experience and qualifications) or resume of nominee
  • Two to no more than ten letters of recommendation
  • If the nominee is known as a quilt maker, images of his or her work should be submitted

These items can all be scanned and attached to an email sent to [email protected]. Or, if you prefer snail mail, mail them to TQHF, PO Box 681, Marion, IN 46952.


One selection is made each year unless other priorities take precedence. Deliberations begin on September 1. Nominations received after that date will be considered the following year. Nominees names will stay on the list for five years. If you wish your nominee to remain on the list after five years you may renew the nomination.


Thank you for your help!