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Date of Birth: ________________________________ Date of Death: _________________________________

Describe how your nominee has made outstanding contributions to the world of quilting.  You may want to include names of publications, articles, advertisements, awards, research, photos, etc. to support your nomination. 








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The Heritage Honoree Award is given to someone who made outstanding contributions to the world of quilting during his or her lifetime.  The honoree is someone whose body of work occurred at least 80 years ago. 

Thank you for your nomination!  It is important to us as the Selection Committee may only evaluate candidates from those submitted.

To submit a nomination, please forward the following:

  • One completed nomination form
  • Two to no more than ten letters of recommendation

These items may be scanned and attached to an email sent to [email protected]. If you prefer snail mail, mail them to TQHF, PO Box 681, Marion, IN 46952.

Selection Committee deliberations begin on Sept. 1.  Nominations must be received no later than Aug. 31 for consideration in that year.  Those received after that date will be considered the following year.

By definition, the Heritage Honoree will be someone no longer living, and thus cannot tell her (or his) own story.  If your Heritage Nominee is chosen, we will contact you for suggestions you might have as to the resources available to best illustrate and celebrate the Honoree’s outstanding contributions. This could include family members’ knowledge, quilts, books published, current research, photos and other ephemera, and lectures/presentations by someone knowledgeable about the Honoree.