Due to the continuing health risks of Covid 19, The Quilters Hall of Fame is remaining closed. We would like to be open so you could come in and see our current exhibit, de.light/FULL by Studio Art Quilt Associates! We miss very much seeing all of our visitors enjoying the quilts and talking quilts!

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy. Thank you to all of you that are busy sewing face masks for those that need them!

If you buy our products online, you will receive a at the online pharmacy.


  1. What happened to Nancy Zeman? I learned a lot from her!
    Isn’t she Hall of Fame material?
    Bonita J.

    • Thanks for your comment, Bonita! I agree with you that Nancy has had considerable influence on the world of quilting. But no one has ever nominated Nancy Zieman. We rely on the public to nominate persons to be inducted. Staff and Committee members are not allowed to nominate. If you would be interested in nominating Nancy, here is a link to our nomination form:

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